About Us

The Souvenir Shop was just a seed of an idea that we had while traveling in 2009. We were traveling Mexico and Central America for Peter's travel series, In Transit, and I came along for the ride. We traveled by bus from Los Angeles, CA to Panama City, Panama. While he was shooting, I was able to roam the cities, beaches, villages, and markets. We saw so many things from each place that I wanted to bring home to remember them by. There were so many beautiful objects made by the locals that I couldn't stop thinking about. The only problem... I had a backpack and equipment to carry so shopping was not going to happen. I kept saying, I will see that at the next stop. But every time I was wrong. The items that I was connecting with were culturally significant. They were made by the people of that particular region and this is what made them even more covetable for me. Needless, to say, we left many of these souvenirs behind but we would never forget the people, places, and experience that we wanted to share through these objects. 

It took more than 5 years to take the idea and make it a reality but here we are! We will continue to travel around the world and this time we will be making sure that we bring things back to share with you. Things that we hope will convey the beauty and culture of each place that we visit. Naturally, we have started with items from Mexico and will continue to bring items home from around the world. We are now a family and travel with our baby girl. With her our eyes are even more wide open and places are even that more special.

If you have any suggestions of places we should go and markets, villages, and cities that we really should visit, please let us know! 


Patty, Peter, and Petra

P.S. if you would like to get to know us better, we welcome you to follow us on YouTube and Instagram.



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